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HEGlobal is a joint initiative between Universities UK International and the British Council. It exists to empower UK universities' transnational education activity (TNE). We do this through dialogue, information and representation.

Our objectives are to:

1. Act as a hub for dialogue around TNE policy development and stimulate debate.

2. Enable UK HEIs to maximise their TNE performance and develop the UK HE sector's TNE capacity.

3. Provide a collective voice for UK HEIs on TNE related policy developments.

4. Further the research knowledge and data available on TNE.

5. Promote all forms of TNE and raise awareness of its benefits.


Why focus on TNE?

TNE is education delivered in a country other than the country in which the awarding institution is based, eg, students based in country Y studying for a degree from a university in country Z. More information about TNE is on this site under 'What is TNE?

TNE is increasingly important to the UK's higher education sector: more international students are enrolled on UK delivered TNE programmes than are studying in the UK, and TNE was valued in 2014 at £496m per annum to the UK, including 11% of international fees (based on 2012-13 data). HMGovernment's Industrial Strategy 'International Education: Global Growth and Prosperity' (2013) recognised the importance of TNE to maintaining the UK's position in international education, and looked to HEGlobal to promote TNE as a strategic and sustainable higher education export, in order to increase its take-up and development.